Heart of Govan

CRAN Theatre has been telling the story of west of Scotland communities for 13 years. We listen to the people of a community, gather their stories and recount them in theatrical productions. Locally we have told Govan’s story as a shipbuilding community but this time we are celebrating Govan’s spiritual heritage.

That heritage begins at least a thousand years before the advent of Christianity. This was a special place of spiritual significance to the druids and pagan peoples, probably because of its well and the meeting of two rivers. Govan is also one of the earliest Christian settlements with St Constantine establishing an abbey in 586 AD. It was settled by Picts, Celts, Romans and Vikings, all of whom left their mark and their memorial stones. Because the Kings of Strathclyde also made this their home, Govan grew to include the areas between modern day Yoker and Partick on the north of the river and Gorbals to Renfrew on the south. Hence the great stretch of the former Govan Parish.

Today Govan sees its population include Asians, Africans, eastern Europeans and many more all bringing their own cultures and beliefs. Our piece celebrates all of these elements and reminds and informs the people of Greater Govan of their rich, shared heritage. The piece will comprise a verse speaking chorus, choirs, community and professional actors and musicians from the RSNO.

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