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Puppets in Partnership

Puppets in Partnership is a project designed to initiate a broad interest in puppetry in Govan. Local groups have been learning the skills required to present their own pieces based upon folk tales, favourite stories and special interests.

Presented over the weekend of 14 – 16 June 2013, the event kicks off with an evening in the company of renowned author Jay Griffiths and includes performances by professional puppet companies Yugen Puppets, Puppet State Theatre and Penny-Geggies as well as a special appearance by locally-based Gingerbread Puppets. There are shows to suit all ages and with every one at only £1 admission, an early summer bargain for all the family.

The Govan Fairway

Govan is home to one of the oldest Fairs in Europe. It is also home to one of the oldest fair-folk communities in Europe. They have dwelt in Govan for at least 150 years; what do you know about them? Do you remember when there actually used to be Shows in Govan at the Fair? CRAN is collecting your memories of the Govan Fair and Govan’s Fair-Folk. They have a story; you have a story – let’s share them!

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Dream Garden

Rosshall Park is on the edge of Pollok and Crookston and was originally the garden of the baronial mansion Ross Hall. The gardens were commissioned by the owner, James Cowan and he spared no expense, it’s got a miniature lake with an island in the middle and stone walkways with water passing underneath, caves and a big enclosed grotto which, it turns out was an open-air swimming pool.

The plants are hugely varied, all kinds of rhododendrons, Japanese maples, there’s even a pair of American Redwoods and it changes all the time with the seasons.

It’s a wee, secret gem of a place which I came across just walking my dog there. It has so many hidden surprises that it takes a while to discover them all. Chatting with the gardener, I discovered that it was designed by an eminent Victorian Landscape Gardener who also did gardens at Sandringham and Buckingham Palace.

It is loved and used by dog-walkers, cyclists, joggers and not much else. It just seems such a shame that not many local people were using it to the full and also that it occasionally came in for a bit of vandalism and littering. So that’s why we’re asking everyone to get involved in promoting its use.

The Friends of Rosshall are integral to the successful renovation of the park. They’re an incredible group of people who meet regularly, giving up their own time to promote the park and take care of it. They recently had a big tidy up and gathered bags and bags of litter, just local volunteers working together to take care of their community’s amenity. I’m very keen to support them in their endeavours and that’s why these events are so important.

Frank Miller talking about Rosshall Park and Gardens

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