The Govan Fairway

Govan is home to one of the oldest Fairs in Europe. It is also home to one of the oldest fair-folk communities in Europe. They have dwelt in Govan for at least 150 years; what do you know about them? Do you remember when there actually used to be Shows in Govan at the Fair? CRAN is collecting your memories of the Govan Fair and Govan’s Fair-Folk. They have a story; you have a story – let’s share them!

The findings of these stories and reminiscences will be depicted on large panels donated by the Govan Fairground Community Group. These panels are Victorian round-stall shutters which have been painted by Stringfellow family members. They will have quotes from local people and fairground show-folk scribed onto them as a permanent reminder of the importance of this section of the community. They will be mounted on a fence along with visual depictions of local school-children’s memories of attending fun-fairs and carnivals.

This fence will be constructed by a local artist and will capture the excitement, fun and art-style of traditional fun-fairs. The fence, to be named The Govan Fairway, will form the new entrance-way to their permanent site in Govan.

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